Science fiction and fantasy! Although fans such as myself are often stygmatized, it doesn't change the fun and benefits of being a fan. Yes, as you might have guessed, I love Star Wars and Star Trek and most of the common science fiction offerings. (although not a fan of some of the newer dramatized sci-fi series like the new Battlestar Galactica, etc..) Similarly I am a fan of fantasy. Yes, your worst fears are true, I also play dnd, am a huge Hobbit/Lord of the Rings fan and think renaissance fairs are interesting.


Well, simply because it is an escape. Most of our day to day lives are pretty demanding. I prefer to spend my down time in activies that inspire the imagination and keep me looking ahead. I am not much of a TV drama fan, because I feel that I get more than enough drama in my everyday life. The crime dramas and reality TV shows are enough to turn my stomach. Feigning reality is a slap in the face to anyone who really hoofs it out there.


What is it to be a geek or nerd? Well some may debate the differences, but really it's about enjoying your own whims. While most consider the dnd playing, star wars watching, star trek quoting person to be a pox on humanity, the truth is that most people are a nerd or geek in some fashion. Think of the avid sports fan. Any game that is played has no real bearing to the "world." However, it brings people together and gives them something non important that they can cheer or gripe about. The same is true for scrap-bookers, car enthusiasts, antiquers, etc... None of these hobbies have a unilateral impact on the world, but they do serve to make it a better place as a whole. It is while I gladly bare the mantle of geek and nerd.

I will be talking about some upcoming films that I might recommend, if you are or might want to join our ranks.