Well, in this case it's model aviation. Model aviation is a hobby pursued by many people around the world. It's a hobby based in the wonder of flight. For so long we pursued the wonder of flight, for it now to be common place amongst so many. Still there are those of us who want to capture flight with our own hands. For me, that is the meaning of model aviation. Particularly here, I will be discussing radio controlled aircraft.

To build, or not to build.

For those interested in getting into this hobby, it is much easier than it ever has been. Less than ten years ago, the only real option was to build your own; sometimes starting out with only a set of plans, like you see below or a kit including pre-cut parts.

curtiss robin plans

Even so, it is a pleasure for many people, including myself, to have the pride in seeing something you put together yourself, take to the air. Below you can see what a finished model looks like, of the plans you see above.

curtiss robin flying

Now, there are kits called ARF's, an acronym for Almost Ready to Fly, where all you have to do is glue a few pieces together, then add your engine and radio and your are ready to go. Below you can see what an ARF kit looks like.

arf kit

Next I will talk a little more about radio systems and power selections. In the meantime, if you want to learn more, check out some of the sites below. Clear skies to you!